First post in this category, haha. It was created for my emo-ing anyway, and I’m feeling quite frustrated now. But due to some personal reasons, there won’t be any details. Just a rant that you won’t be able to understand and I had to get out of me.

I knew what I will be facing, almost right from the start, but sometimes it is so difficult to just brush it aside. I tried not to take it personal, but sometimes the volume of it is so huge that it just drags me along for the ride, suffocating and squeezing the strength out of me.

I tried my best, did what I could. No, not just me, we tried our best. But it never ever seems to be enough. They just take everything for granted, rarely showing appreciation and always showing their displeasure. Our efforts were never seen, could not be seen and they took it that no effort was made. Sometimes they even twisted our intention our action our words and painted horrible pictures of us whenever they could. Even in positive matters, they hunt for negativity and slowly poisoned our enthusiasm out of us.

To some degree, they cannot be blamed for not seeing. Our limits were painted on us not only by them but also by our hands through extension. Things they do not need to know, must not know, we kept from them for our protection and theirs. The wrongs that we had done, we bear the fault of it and deserved the abuse rightfully hurled at us.

But how much can we give before you acknowledge what we have done, before our interest and concern runs dry, before we break and become what you had maliciously pictured us to be?

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