Treasure in my Cupboards

My cupboards are long overdued for tidying up and I tackled them recently and a little reluctantly. For one thing, I do have a number of cupboards and they are stuffed full of things. And, I have some packrat tendencies and have no idea what I’ve decided to toss in there. Or under my desk.

So you can just imagine my dread when I opened the cupboard doors.

Surprisingly, it didn’t turn out quite as bad. I found things like movie tickets, wedding invitation card, briefly used notebooks, old diaries, “how to write a resume” notes, 2005 Doraemon Calendar, etc. Oh, and an insane amount of plastic bags. o.o I’m going to refuse to take plastic bags from now on, as much as I can.

More importantly, I found a lot of memories. Sometimes I would tell my friends jokingly that my brain has like 256MB storage space and reformats once in a while. Unfortunately, that’s vaguely accurate, so I treasure hints to my past a lot.

I just need to learn to keep the things that are ‘my memory’ away from things that are junk. >.>

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